Embracing The Future – 3D Survey & Design

Embracing The Future – 3D Survey & Design

We have spent the summer getting to grips with all of the amazing tools which Pix4D™ has allowed us to bring to bear. Here are some images which provide examples of what we are now able to provide to our clients.

1: 3D Modelling – Stafford Castle – A model which can be used to fly around and inside the subject. It provides the ability to measure lengths, areas and volumes. Perfect for Architects, Surveyors and to promotional videos.

2: 3D Modelling – Cannock Chase – This image shows a second 3D model but over a much wider area, nearly 100 acres. The software allows us to stitch together any number of smaller datasets to create large-scale projects. Ideal for land surveys.

3: Orthomosaic and Index Maps – We have been following the progress of a local mixed use farm. Here we have used the software firstly to create a high resolution orthomosaic of a field designated for a wheat crop (left). We than converted it to an RGB multi-spectral image. Using the results, the farmer could confirm the extent of a weed incursion and make tactical use of weed killer to treat the problem, reducing the cost of treatment.

4: Our teams deploy 2-3 people for an average time of 4 hours. The price includes all pre and post flight duties, risk assessment, liaison with landowners, software licence fee and delivery of the final datasets in the desired format.

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