In association with DJI!

Cloudbase Images exclusively uses equipment and aircraft from DJI, the undisputed leader at the forefront of binging unmanned aircraft systems to the mass market. We are proud of that relationship and are happy to recommend them to individuals and businesses alike. Click through this URL or scan this QR code to be taken to DJI’s website and browse their amazing range of products!


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Using “drones” for aerial photography

As the rise of the drone marches on, the attention of the media and curiosity of the public grows. We would like to dispel the myths and encourage a new generation of users to embrace this technology.

As part of the theme of this blog, we have discussed the legal aspects. Operators must be insured and qualified. Today I have picked out a link to a European Commission study on the robustness of current laws on privacy and other ethical uses of unmanned aircraft:

For those who don’t find the time to read it (it’s 378 pages long!), I can report that the Commission is satisfied that current laws are sufficiently robust!

Contact us at Cloudbase Images to discuss using unmanned aircraft in your business.

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Examination success!


We are happy to report that today, both Toms have passed part 2 of the EuroUSC BNUC-S flight examination.

This culmination of several months of hard work means that we are now fully qualified and insuranced to carry out aerial photography and videography using remotely controlled unmanned aircraft.

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