Cloudbase Images was formed in 2014. With over a decade of experience in the aviation sector, our CAA approved pilots can deliver a forward thinking and innovative approach to aerial photography. Using some of the most advanced technology available, we are fully insured and will use our knowledge and experience to safely deliver images and video for whatever purpose you require. 

The modern and rapidly expanding unmanned aircraft sector is revolutionising how people market properties, inspect difficult to access locations, survey land, monitor events and produce film and media. In fact the uses of this service are limited only by the imagination.

Achieve the impossible shot that would normally take time and cost thousands.

Meet the CloudBase Images Team

We only employ pilots who are qualified, insured and have CAA approval


Tom Unsworth

My background is in commercial aviation. I have held a commercial fixed wing pilots licence for 8 years. Moving into the commercial unmanned aircraft sector is a natural progression for this skill base. Having spent time working and flying abroad, I was  inspired to develop an aerial photography business. The rapid pace of development in remotely piloted aircraft allows businesses and individuals to capture images that are typically unavailable due to constraints of time and cost. Outside of work I indulge in a long held hobby of clay pigeon shooting as well as flying various remote controlled aircraft just for fun!


Tom Davis

As co-founder of Cloudbase Images, my passion for aerial photography began after flying a hot air balloon over northern Italy and realising what amazing images could be captured from this elevated position. Cloudbase Images started here, and I have been juggling the demands of a growing business ever since. My background has predominantly been hot air ballooning, having worked in the industry for six years. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, cross country running, sea kayaking and snowboarding the powdered slopes of the Swiss Alps, whilst always looking for an opportunity to capture the occasion from above!

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Cloudbase Images has a CAA PfCO - Permission for Commercial Operation, comprehensive public liability insurance, utilise BNUC-S qualified pilots and comply fully with relevant legislation on Data Protection